Adapting Style
I'm a 21-year-old journalism graduate from Southern Ontario, Canada. I live for country music, eating peanut butter by the spoonful, watching Pretty Little Liars, and manicures. I'm passionate about fashion, beauty, and self-improvement.
Adapting Style follows and styles the latest fashion trends, while chronicling the expansion of my closet and dabbling into the world of cosmetics. This independent blog is all original, so click "follow" for some fresh stuff!

Courtney MacDonald

  • I’m a journalism grad, doing journalism type things on the interwebs until I head back to school for design.
  • My dream is to work in the Art Department of a fashion/lifestyle magazine. I want to be surrounded with what I love.
  • Toronto is my euphoria and I hope to live there at some point.
  • I wear more black and white than I should and I’m a bit of a makeup snob (oops).
  • I never have anything to wear yet I have things to talk about on this blog.
  • I use brackets a lot.

Adapting Style

  • Sass
  • Class
  • Shoes (and other things you put on your body)


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